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We are friendly and tidy, and strive to give a personal service for each and every customer. We aim to be as transparent as possible with our quotes, keeping you informed throughout every job. What we say – is what you pay.

Safety for our customers is our no.1 priority at all times.
We are fully insured and fully qualified.
Gas Safe registered business 534075.
For peace of mind we offer a 12 month warranty.

Safety is our No1 priority

Safety for our customers is our no.1 priority at all times. We are fully insured and fully qualified. Gas Safe registered business 534075. For peace of mind we offer a 12 month warranty.

cheap boiler fitting Brighton


You must have an annual safety check each year for your tenants safety. With annual reminders sent out, we can help you stay on top of your investment. Discounts are also on offer because of the repeat custom that is gained. 24/7 emergency call-out and CO alarm fitting service.

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Is your old boiler costing too much to run?

Do you find your gas bill is too high?

Are you stuck on a service contract that isn’t any real value?

Not only do we install new boilers, we repair them.

It’s often the case that a boiler needs replacing, but not always necessary. So if your usual engineer tells you it needs replacing, please get in touch for a second opinion.

I once attended a property and repaired a boiler using no parts, and whilst filling out the paperwork, the customer explained that another company was there all morning trying to find out why it wouldn’t work. 

The customer told me he made several trips for spares, the bill was already standing at £350. He said he would need to go get another part the next day to make it work, she was asked to pay the bill. He never returned or answered her calls.

The customer then called me, and there we were, a fixed boiler and another happy customer.

So if you have a faulty boiler, stuck with no hot water or heating – call immediately.


As specialists in combination boilers, getting your new boiler from us will give you 10 years of worry free use and 10 years without breakdown costs.

Getting your boiler from us you won’t require a purchase of extended warranty or getting stuck with a breakdown contract; saving you more.

And yes – the warranty covers parts AND labour!

Not only that, after your boiler is fitted, your central heating will clean itself as it works, reducing premature wear and maintaining efficiency, keeping costs down further,

Each installation also comes with smart control. You can be the envy of your friends with the latest tech, making using your heating simpler and much more accessible.

With a 12 month warranty for the workmanship itself , you can be confident in our skills.