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What do you look for in a company?

  1. Value
    As a constant effort to improve, an email blast was sent out with multiple choice questions to test our value; I was expecting it to cost more! 21.7% It was about right 73.9% Too expensive 4.3%
  2. Instant documents
    That's right - documents are provided on the spot; receipts, landlord certificates, boiler quotes,gas cooker installation reports, boiler service report...
  3. Mobile card payments
    Pay using your credit or debit card. Payments accepted using portable Chip and Pin units - there is no need to get cash out. Another massive convenience just for you.
  4. Care
    Your property is always cared for; you won't have to clean up afterwards, doors won't be left open to the public and you won't have an engineer arriving, late or smelling of cigarettes.
  5. Independent boiler installer
    We have no behind the scene deals with any boiler manufacturer, so you can be certain the advice you receive has no hidden agenda - just great, honest advice on your new boiler and its parts.
  6. Quality
    You get quality, genuine parts - meaning longer lasting installation and repairs. All workmanship comes with a 12 month warranty. So you know you're in the best hands.

Many years ago I had a strange knocking noise coming from my car, so I took it to the garage and left it with them for a day to diagnose, then repair.

I returned the following day to pick it up, they told me all the things they did the previous day, I paid the bill and I jumped back in the driving seat.

I made it about a mile down the road and I heard the knocking noise again! Disgruntled I phoned them up and expressed my disappointment.

I remember the feeling of dissatisfaction, of using a service I thought was incomplete and not carried out right. I felt robbed.

This was one of the defining moments that helped shape South Coast Boilers. It’s why I offer the 12 month warranty – if you’re paying for something you’re sure as hell going to get it, and it’s going to be worth the money.
Hi, I'm Jan.
I operate South Coast Boilers.